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In addition to working as a Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling for Virginia Commonwealth University, I maintain a limited private practice.  I provide a variety of services to people with disabilities and their families, federal and state agencies, professional and certifying organizations, and the legal system.

Typing with Prosthetic Hand

Life Care Planning

I develop life care plans to serve as roadmaps for people with disabilities, their families, and their service providers to follow in order to minimize complications and maximize quality of life after they acquire disabilities.  These plans also quantify the costs of the needed services and equipment, which can be helpful in forensic (legal) settings.  I am one of the few credentialed life care planners who has the expertise and experience needed to work with people who are blind, deaf, or deafblind.

Office Meeting

Vocational Analysis

I provide vocational evaluation services and analysis of the difference between a person's vocational potential before and after an injury.  This process involves not only identification of the loss of earning capacity, but development of vocational plans.  Even if an injured individual is not likely to be competitively employable in the future, plans should be made for that person to engage in some kind of volunteer work or meaningful productive activity.


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